Solo 100km Challenge – Week 2

The Challenge: To run 100km in 28 days.
Organiser: Great Run – with profits going to NHS charities.

Oh dear, I am as far behind with my blogs as I am with my running target.

Wednesday 20th May 2020
A hot morning for running in Wicksteed Park again. For no obvious reason, I felt quite fatigued from the beginning. I had a slight twinge in my left knee. My legs felt heavy. I was hitting the ground hard without grace or elegance (so, not a lot different from usual!). It was an elephant day, merrily lolloping along until I had clocked up a paltry 3km. Sometimes you just have to take things as they are. We elite runners learn how to cope with days like this.

Friday 22nd May 2020
A little trip out to Titchmarsh Nature Reserve on this sunny but blustery morning. Due to social distancing issues, I chose to run around the reserve in an anti-clockwise direction, a change from my normal (clockwork) routine. I felt less elephantine today but was still aware of a slight twinge in my left knee. I was pleased to make a complete circuit of the lake, plus a bit more, just falling short of 4.5 km. I used the presence of people ahead of me as an excuse not to push on a bit further, but I could have turned round and headed back to the start to make up a few extra metres. These are the choices we make in the moment.

Sunday 24th May 2020
Bank Holiday Sunday, so why was I surprised to see so many people out today? It was IMG_9460lovely to return to the Brampton Valley Way after such a long absence. I headed south from the Draughton Crossing. The weather was sunny but not too hot – there are trees lining parts of the route that provide some welcome shade. I needed some fancy footwork to maintain social distance, given that the route is quite narrow in places. Everyone seemed to be respectful, and probably just happy at being out in the open air – with or without dogs/kids/partners as company.

I completed 7km of continuous running in two slices – 5km outwards, 2km return, interspersed with some uncounted walking and jogging. Overall, feeling pleased that my stamina seems to be improving.

The total for week 2 was again 14km, giving a grand total of 28km. Quite a way behind schedule – only another 72km to go!

Look out for my upcoming report on Week 3 – there is a twist in the tale!

Meanwhile, thank you for following my story.

Please keep running freely, safely and happily.

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