The Long and Winding Road

Time for another update on my marathon training adventures. I somehow managed to squeeze out enough energy to complete a 10 mile training run on New Year’s Eve, much as  one would squeeze out the last bit of toothpaste from the tube. This was one circuit and a bit of Pitsford Water, plus a bit more past my starting point to hit 10.01 on my Garmin watch. It was a great feeling to get it in the bag before the start of the year.

Since then, I have only managed about three shorter runs, due mostly to an annoying lingering bug – you know how they just hang around the house, sucking your energy and dropping bits of pizza all over the place. My last two runs, of abosundialsheeput 3 miles apiece, have been over a new route, from Wadenhoe Mill across the fields to Achurch, then road running back to Wadenhoe via the village of Pilton. The first time I did this I felt quite ambitious, and continued up the steep path to the church. I just couldn’t gate1make the last few steps and



so stopped by the sundial. On the second occasion, I managed to stagger up to the church gate – sadly, no bride awaited me. I walked slowly through the graveyard to pick up another path, and rather unceremoniously slipped through a cattle grid (luckily I was only walking at this point). I jogged almost another mile back to my starting point.

These last two runs were significant in a couple of regards. On the first one,  I had my iPhone strapped to my arm so I could listen to music for the first time while running. On the second occasion, I tried an energy gel for the first time. And on both occasions, I incorporated more hill running into my training – that really pushed up my heart rate.

The musical dimension has proved interesting. It provides a rhythm to run to (I’m steering clear of anything too fast at this point) and it is a distraction from unhelpful thoughts and unpleasant bodily sensations. However, sometimes all these elements can come together (another Beatles reference!), such as..

“Winding your way down on Baker Street,
light in your head and dead on your feet”

Thank you Gerry Rafferty! I think “Baker Street” is now anywhere I feel I’m starting to wilt.

Remember… you can sponsor my brave/foolhardy efforts to raise money for MIND, the national charity for mental health by visiting my Just Giving page, or (in U.K.) by texting DRDL 99 £x, where x can be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10. And you can do it multiple times!! Thank you.


6 thoughts on “The Long and Winding Road

  1. A reference to ‘Keep on running’ by, I think, Spencer Davis Group, might be appropriate – or perhaps not. I find music a distraction to exercise rather than an enhancement, unless I’m actually trying to dance. ‘I got rhythm’, as Gershwin observed.


  2. Thanks Julia – I will add it to my list of “run related” songs to use as blog titles! The idea is that the music will provide a bit of entertainment other than myown boring thoughts for the long runs – once, and if, i get past the 90 minutes mark!


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