Twist and Shout

So, to continue the theme of using song titles for my running blogs, we have one that is not immediately obvious. The incident occurred 5 weeks ago, along the banks of the River Nene as it flows gently through the Northamptonshire countryside at Titchmarsh nature reserve.

The ground was very wet and muddy due to all the recent rain. I came off the main track to try a different route, and found  myself running, sliding and stumbling along a very narrow path between the trees. I eventually came into a wider stretch and follwoed this for a while, before double-backing onto the the river bank I had not run along previously. This ended again on a narrow path which was nothing more than a mud bath, with the river to one side and the lake to the other. I turned round again to re-trace my steps and came into a wider stretch of grassy path. Hey, starting to feel good, whipped off my beanie hat and then my left foot got caught in a hole. I twisted, fell on my back, and was afraid to move for a while in case I had broken my ankle. In the end, it was a severe sprain, and I hobbled the mile and a half back to where i had parked my car. At home, time for a bag of frozen peas and a bit of leg elevation. While things could have turned out a lot worse, the incident did impact on my training schedule, putting it back about two weeks, and I’m still running with an ankle support.

Such are the joys and hazards of training for my first marathon, in a bid to raise money for MIND so people with mental health problems do not have to suffer alone. It is also a good way to mark my retirement from the NHS after 30 years of being a clinical psychologist.

The pictures below show a re-enactment of another incident, when I slipped down a cattle grid. I have used a stunt double.









You will notice that I am very happy to have my name printed on my shirt – now I won’t forget who I am on the big race day!

For anyone who would like to sponsor me, here are the important links..

Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving.

                                                                        Thank you!




6 thoughts on “Twist and Shout

  1. Merciful heavens, Derek!!! You’re lucky you didn’t break your leg (or neck!). So thankful you’re still in one piece!!! {{{Derek}}} Was that before or after you were nurturing your body with red wine??? 😉 If it was after, you might want to switch to a nice stiff bottle of water!


  2. Ha ha! I’m naturally clumsy, and when it happened my shoes were very muddy. I’m alcohol-free now until after the marathon! Hope all is well with you. When are you coming to the UK?


    1. How am I? Well our daughter’s family just moved back here from Maryland. My s-i-l works for the Department of Education and he felt like it was time to get out of Dodge with this new administration messin’ around with everything. So he’s now telecommuniting and we’re having to get used to having four grandkids under seven under foot a lot more often! Not as young as I used to be! This is a hard adjustment. I guess it’s a marathon, too, of sorts. A bit easier than yours! 😀 Try to stay upright, will ya, friend! 😉


  3. Thank you for your vertical wishes! Big changes in your home – at least with a marathon run it is done and dusted. Looks like yours is a longer haul, but I’m sure there are many joys attached too! 🙂


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