Another Barefoot Mile

It is that time of year again, relaxing on the Black Sea coast at Shkorpilovtsi. But my body needs a gentle reminder that demands will still be made of it, never mind being on holiday. Hence my traditional barefoot mile run along the shoreline, enjoying the feel of the sand and surf underfoot. I did it today on the spur of the moment following a very little swim – hardly biathlon territory. Also spurred on by the promise of a cold beer on the beach after all the exertion.

It was quite a challenge because my fitness level is not how it should be. The camber also gave a little challenge to my ankles in places – my ankles are in their usual place, I mean my geographical locations along the shore of course.

Sadly the great denouement I promised about my next venture has not been able to be activated. Due to family commitments I have had to pull out of next month’s Great North Run in Newcastle. I had set up my fundraising page and promoted myself as Newkie Orange. I was going to run in the orange vest of Alzheimer’s Research UK because they had awarded me a charity place in the event. This is a great cause close to my heart and I am very disappointed to let them down. I will do my best to find further events in the coming months, so there will be no escaping my requests for sponsorship! You have been warned.

2 thoughts on “Another Barefoot Mile

  1. It’s hard work running on sand in shoes; is it easier barefoot? Either way, I’m applauding you from the comfort of my easy chair.


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