Yule Training Log

[Post-Christmas note – this article was originally posted with a header image of me in a funny Christmas hat, with sheep in the background, and the header title “Psychologist on the Sofa”, with the strapline “Hey, if the hat fits, why not rest a while?”]

Welcome to my special festive look blog! It is the same blend of humour and insight, with a different wrapper (header image, title and strapline). It is like a pot of normal strawberry jam with a jolly Santa on the label – it tastes just the same as it did earlier in the year. The sharp-eyed amongst you will have spotted my sponsor sheep in the background! I took the photo on a little walk yesterday, but it would have been good to have a proper run in the hat.

I thought a Yule training log would add to the festive cheer, but, like its chocolate cousin, it offers more than it delivers. There is actually no festive training to report, other than to provide a quick update on what has been happening during my recent weeks of silence. I had hoped to have a little Boxing Day run, but my cough and cold are hanging on to me, like little monkeys afraid to leave their mother’s side.  From where do these images spontaneously appear?!

The temporary new blog title is sadly reasonably accurate – I have spent a lot of time on the sofa, probably eating more of the things I shouldn’t eat as an elite athlete (in repose). My last reported run was on 18th November – under the title Booster Rockets and Running from Lions. Since then….

20th November – a little bit of speed running on my favourite village circuit [3.26 miles, average pace 10:12].

  27th November – a gentle run with my Sofia daughter, again on my favourite village route [2.67 miles, average pace 11:07].IMG_4996

30th November – as for 27th, but a little less gentler [3.07 miles, average pace 10:56].

4th December – you know where, back to being on my own again [3.15 miles, average pace 10:06].


So, that’s it. Oh, and somewhere along the way I was awarded my 2nd Dan in the traditional Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do.

And the lessons to be learnt? There’s no-one as grumpy as a runner who is prevented from running. You need patience to wait for the time your body is ready to run again.

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