Mussel Power

IMG_3956Monday was my last day by the Black Sea and I wanted to say goodbye to it until we meet again next summer. I decided that a little run along the seafront in Varna would be the most appropriate way to do this. Packing my case could wait until later!

I set out with due caution because the pavements leading down to the seafront are notoriously uneven, and I am notoriously uneven and unbalanced with my running and walking.  My first little bout of running was curtailed by significant roadworks, as I stumbled into what was effectively a building site. My second attempt ended similarly, because the works extended further than I first thought. Third time lucky – I reached a fairly easy stretch of pavement which I knew posed a few challenges, and ran all the way down to the Zoo into the sea garden. I had to walk down the steep and uneven steps to the beach, then I was able to run for just over a mile along the seafront, past the restaurant where we had eaten the evening before and past the plastic palm trees (I’m sure they have grown since last year!). I IMG_3962reached the part where the sea road climbs back towards the town, so stopped for watIMG_3973er and to take a few photos. My attempt to take a selfie with seagulls behind me on a little rock failed because of the glare of the sun. So, be thankful to be spared this sight!

For my return, I decided to run the mile and a bit to the bottom of the steps and then to walk back to where I was staying. It was quite tough going because of the heat – about 27 degrees. It was also effectively a fasting run because I had only a cup of tea before setting out. I was running on the meal we had at the beach side restaurant. Mussels in a soy and ginger sauce. And rakia (popular local spirit). And wine (of course).

I became quite weak and dizzy after I climbed out of the sea garden onto the main street and had to sit down. I had enough water with me, and thankfully I had the foresight to bring along an energy bar. Just one good bite of this was sufficient to see me on my way. This is an important lesson and a good tip for other runners! My bonus tip – in future, I will also carry a couple of sticking plasters and an antiseptic wipe. I stumbled and slightly grazed my knee when I was walking in the backstreets to where I was staying. Told you I was unstable!

4 thoughts on “Mussel Power

  1. When my younger son was about eight, we were eating dinner in a resaurant in Picardie when a diner had a plate of mussels delivered to the adjacent table. Young Blood watched open-mouthed and then, as the chap tucked into his dinner, shouted ‘Eargh, yuk! He’s eating it!’ My sentiments exactly.


    1. Sadly I’m quite unbalanced! I think I have suffered unknowingly from dyspraxia all my life – looking back, it explains a lot! Clumsy, messy, unable to cut a piece of paper in a straight line – the list goes on. Writing has been my saving grace – although my handwriting is pretty close to illegible.


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