My Annual Puppet on a String Run

I suppose one way to describe my running style (and there are many comparisons that come to mind) would be like a puppet on a string. However, that is not the thinking behind this post.

This morning it was a bit overcast here on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria, perfect conditions for a little run. I decided to tackle the one mile barefoot run along the water’s edge. This is a lovely run for a number of reasons. It speaks to mindfulness, feeling the sand underfoot and enjoying the shoreline. It also speaks to biomechanics, drawing attention to how my feet and ankles respond to the running. The sand was compacted in some places and very soft in other places, and the camber changed constantly. This provides a good workout for my ankles.

I’m still recovering from my big toe, so had to go a bit easy. I applied a new sticking plaster at the end (the end of the run and the end of my toe, just to clarify).

Still puzzling over the title?

Puppet on a String – Sandie Shaw – sandy shore. She was also famous for performing barefooted. And people say I’m obtuse!

2 thoughts on “My Annual Puppet on a String Run

    1. No such thing as a dumb question! Loose sand and snow are difficult to run on, but compacted sand is fine. I’m thinking of doing a post about different surfaces. I was in Bulgaria for my summer holiday!


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