McRunning Man is Here!

Oh, what an apposite moment to announce the arrival of McRunning Man – well into Burns’ Night and no haggis nor wee dram of whisky has passed my lips, and no skean dhu drawn with culinary intent.


This new blog post category has been created to record my various trials and tribulations as my training for the Edinburgh marathon on 27th May 2018 starts to get more serious –  until now, I have enjoyed a few light-hearted little runs, a bit of jocular work in the gym, some mildly humorous stretching, and some comical attempts at yoga postures clearly beyond my physical capabilities. Not to mention the Leicester half-marathon in October when I got round the course by half-running and half-walking – and this by someone who does not normally do things by half. The laughter stops here, pleasure has to give way to pain, and Sundays will never be the same again – at least until the beginning of June.

“O my luve is like a red red rose
That’s newly sprung in June”  [Burns]

Now, we have been here before with the launch of Running Man for the Brighton Marathon last April. I do not want to be boring or repetitive, so I will try to find new angles, new stories, new adventures to entertain you. As before, I will raising money for MIND – I will probably set up two fund-raising pages (a parochial one for Kettering MIND for those with local connections, and a more national one for MIND). I hope my posts will be moving, inspiring and enjoyable enough to encourage some donations, however small. Oh, I will also be moving my sponsor-sheep from their winter grazing grounds to join the campaign!

So, look out for running-related advice, warnings and stories with new McRunning Man!!

Slàinte mhath!


3 thoughts on “McRunning Man is Here!

  1. And good health to you, too, gov’nor! May the gods give wings to your feet! Looking forward to your posts! (And be a bit more careful this time. Wasn’t there a sprained ankle or something during the last training period???


    1. Thank you! Yes, you are right – I badly sprained my ankle around this time last year. I’m running with care now, but a couple of near misses with the ol’ ankles! 🙂


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