No Seagulls Today

Here is a quick update to my training log.

A bit of an obscure title today. It could have been “This Ain’t No Seaside”. Running locally DSC_0346again in Wicksteed Park on the third anniversary of my first marathon in Brighton. It does not seem possible that three years have passed. It was a really hot day and my only significant injury was bad sunburn on the back of my legs. Oh, and a generalised inability over the following couple of days to move most of my limbs without a groan. Sadly, that has since become more of a daily occurrence.

9th April 2020
Well, today was warm and hazy. Contrary to the intentions mentioned in my previous post, I did not venture too far off my normal circuit of the park, again ending at the stretching tree. I did a little detour through some of the woodland but did not tackle the more strenuous uphill bit to Barton Seagrave. Always good to leave something for another day. My first mile was marginally slower than last time but I did keep moving for the whole circuit, with a mix of walking and running.

Wearing my Brighton Marathon finisher top.

As always, the main joy came from being able to move freely through greenery in the fresh air. It can be disheartening to compare current form with times in the past when I was much fitter, but this perspective on joy is important, and reminding myself I am building my fitness again.







Please continue to run happy and free, while keeping safe and being conscious of those around you. Sadly, there are a minority of runners giving the rest of us a bad name in these troubling times.



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