Another Catch-up



Hey, I am the catch-up runner! Well, I try to catch-up with those in front, but not particularly successfully. In fact, it is difficult to even catch-up with myself at times. Often my mind has raced ahead when I’ve been out for a training run, and only later have my legs caught up.

It has been another long break since my last post. The reasons for this are various, including some challenging times, struggles with motivation and inspiration, and other time pressures. I have been training, but this has also been a struggle. I promised last time that I would do the big reveal and let you know about my next running challenge. I will use this post to provide an update on my training, for the sake of completeness (I try to keep it all neat and tidy, but this often remains an aspiration, as one look at my working space would prove). For anyone who has taken a peek at my Facebook page, then the “big reveal” is there in black and white and orange!

12th April
My last reported run prior to this took me to within tickling distance of the 3-mile mark, and today’s run enabled me to hug it – well, a tentative hug at 3.05 miles! The course was one circuit of Aldwinckle Lake at a fairly reasonable pace (10:44 min/mile). Good base-building.

19th April
A fraction over 3 miles at a slightly faster pace. My route was from Aldwincle to Thorpe Waterville and back. My thoughts were about perspectives – my little legs running through immeasurably small space at infinitesimal speed.

21st April
EasIMG_6384ter Sunday! A trip out to Pitsford Water. A complete circuit is just over 6 miles. I ran half-way and then had a wee rest, before heading back at a much slower pace with alternating periods of running and walking. I enjoyed an ice cream at the end!



22nd May
This was a struggle after a forced break in training. Another “recovery” run, this time in the early evening. My route was a circuit of Aldwinckle Lake. The foliage and surface of the lake looked wonderful as they caught the low rays of the setting sun. My pace was much slower than in April (11:24 min/mile). But hey, I was running.

28th May
Back to Brampton Valley Way, heading north from the Draughton Crossing as far as the entrance to the Kelmarsh Tunnel, then back. Three miles at a reasonable pace (10:54), then a selfie with a pony.



31st May
Three miles on my Aldwincle – Thorpe Waterville route, but pushed myself a little harder than I would for a recovery run (10:39 min/mile). I’m struggling with my stamina, but even with a bit of interspersed walking, I think some improvement is coming. The challenge of trying to regain lost levels of fitness is largely psychological – it is frustrating not to be able to run as fast or for as long as previously, and one is impatient to see quick results. To misquote The Supremes, “You Can’t Hurry Recovery”.

And you can’t hurry this catching-up malarkey! I will attend to June’s endeavours in my next post, which hopefully will be soon. In the meantime, continue to run free and happy.






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