Dark Satanic Treadmills

Oh, there has been a slight hiatus in my usually very strict training schedule. We elite athletes need to keep to the rules, and I believe my membership of the Elite Running Club (ERC)  is under review following recent weeks of lacklustre training. Rumours are afoot that we could be facing a DEXIT, and who knows what that will do to the price of fish?

So, let me put my case. Last Sunday we were busy preparing for my wife’s unexpected trip to Sofia. Monday was the trip to the airport. Tuesday was taken up with the MOT for my wife’s car. Miraculously, it passed – the headlamp lenses just needed a polish. We now have a situation where my wife’s car is fitter than me, and has a brighter glint in its eyes. Wednesday was a busy day at work. Thursday was just Thursday – stuff to do, and not wanting to tire myself out before my usual martial arts training in the evening. Friday I was busy sorting out problems with my cloud storage – a new delivery of cirrostratus was due and someone had misplaced the cumulus. Saturday, more martial arts and then shopping. To Sunday…

…I woke with good intentions (not that there are days when I wake with bad intentions, such as planning to rob a bank), but it was grey, damp and windy. Remember the cold that has been hanging onto me like an infant monkey not wanting to leave its mother’s side? Well, it got very adventurous for a few days, goodness knows where it went or what it was getting up to, but yesterday it decided to come back home. So, for the sake of my little lungs again, I opted for the gym and the dreadmill.

Everything started well – I upped the pace a wee bit from last week but kept the incline constant. It was a bit challenging, but I was getting into the groove (we elite athletes are renowned for getting into the groove). And then – it all came to a halt! Only 18 minutes into my planned 30 minutes. What happened? I had accidentally activated the emergency switch – my hand had caught on the bit that pulls off the red button. These machines are very technical you know! I think my hand probably knew better than the rest of me that I was struggling and had acted independently. Subverted by my own limbs! Whither freewill and choice? I was suddenly out of the groove –  ungrooved and no place to go. I halfheartedly did a few more minutes, then called it a day. I ended with a good session of stretching. Overall, not amazing, but I had got in a bit of training and it all helps! It certainly helped my appetite and reduced my guilt regarding the fish and chips that followed when I met up with my eldest daughter in Cambridge! Do you like the recurring reference to fish? These posts are hand-crafted you know!


Here’s to the coming week!

2 thoughts on “Dark Satanic Treadmills

  1. I will allow the sharing here of a picture of your dinner in the interests of comedy. However, let’s not make this a regular thing. You wouldn’t want to become one of ‘those people’.

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