On Track and Off Track

You will be pleased to learn that this is not one of my famous quasi-training posts, I actually managed to get out and do a bit of running today. Admittedly, it was not a Tempo Tuesday – I am far from my springtime level of fitness due to a lingering bug (and I am no spring chicken either). As the years go by, I feel that I have become more sensitive to seasonal changes. This is particularly so as the daylight hours begin to shorten, it is as though my hibernating instinct starts to assert itself. Thank goodness I don’t live any closer to the poles! I think my recent struggles have been due to a mixture of physiological (the bug and not taking better care of my diet), psychological (reduced motivation across all areas and existential issues) and emotional (anxiety and low mood) factors. It was therefore important for me to get those limbs moving again!


It was very mild today, no wind, and some hazy sunshine. I opted for the Brampton Valley Way, taking the route I walked with my grandson on Friday (as previously reported), and adding a little loop across the fields to the village of Maidwell. It felt good to be running again, and I did not set out with any goal other than to complete an undemanding 3 miles as a recovery run. The ground was lovely and soft, still with a covering of autumn leaves. I ran to the entrance of the Kelmarsh tunnel, with half a mind to run through it, but the wiser half of my mind decided that without a torch and given the uneven surface, it was probably best not to, so I began to re-trace my steps.


I took the path across the field because this added a bit of elevation to what would otherwise have been a flat run, and it also helped to make up the distance. It was quite a struggle, but I was doing reasonably well until the ground flattened out and then gently descended. It was at this point that I gently descended as well, my Achilles’ ankle having turned on the uneven track. I was derailed!  It was a soft landing, and I only sustained a muddy palm. After a moment, I got up and completed the final mile with a mixture of running and walking. My ankle was a bit sore, but nothing I have not experienced before (many times!). However, when I went shopping after lunch some more serious pain kicked in. It is much better now, and surprisingly there is no obvious swelling. The moral of the tale? Don’t go shopping!

Supplementary moral:
I think I have written elsewhere about the risk of getting caught in an infinite regress of recovery runs, whereby you are running to recover from the injury from your previous recovery run. Beware – injury begets injury. To paraphrase The Supremes, “you can’t hurry recovery”.


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