Everybody Be Happy – It’s Tempo Tuesday!

The title was inspired by my little grandson as he walked through the supermarket today beseeching everyone to be happy! I added the Tempo Tuesday, of course, with just a slight hint of sarcasm. These runs are a bit more demanding than my gentle little jogs and recovery runs – I always seem to be recovering from something!

I have written before about the different runs we elite athletes engage in during our training.  I did not choose Tuesday for my speed runs just for the sake of good alliteration, it really does seem the best day of the week for me to focus on speed and strength building. Tempo runs are a very specific form of training, but I am using the term more widely here to encompass interval runs and hill running.


Today I headed back to the relatively flat Brampton Valley Way, starting from the Spratton Crossing (instead of my usual Draughton Crossing) and again heading towards Northampton. I struggle with finding the right pace for the tempo bits, and only managed about one and a half episodes in a 3 mile run. I think my warm-up pace was too fast (I felt good to be running, even though I still have a bit of a cold)  and going up quickly through the gears to tempo pace was pushing it a bit at my stage of training.

The good news is that I do not think any training session is a waste of time. At worst, you are out in the fresh air moving your limbs with varying degrees of speed and co-ordination. If your heart rate is elevated, if you get a bit breathless, and your limbs start to ache a bit, then that is all good. Again, at worst, it is important information that will hopefully be assimilated and have a bearing on future training. I am an optimistic runner – like my grandson, wanting everybody to be happy!

Note to self – a future post on running and negentropy/nformation processing?

4 thoughts on “Everybody Be Happy – It’s Tempo Tuesday!

      1. Entropy is the movement towards chaos and disintegration. Negentropy is the opposite – towards growth and organisation. Information decreases the rate of entropy, but it involves an exchange of energy. Training in any task (i.e. learning) leads to greater efficiency. Running training leads to improved posture and running technique, and adaptations in how the body utilises energy (muscle function, cardiovascular activity etc.). Hope that helps until I can do a more detailed post!


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