Fartlekless Friday

Not to mention Tempo-free Tuesday! It has been one of those weeks where lots of thoughts about running have not been put into practice. I think there are two main contributory factors to this state of affairs.

Firstly, a lovely autumn cold, with all that entails – especially the lethargy, each movement as slow and graceful as a falling leaf. It is the bane of all runners  (the elite, the ersatz, the quasi, the erstwhile, the emeritus, the keen amateur, the reluctant amateur, the renegade, the recidivist – maybe further exploration of these types in a future post?), leading to frustration at not being able to put in the footwork.

Secondly, sometimes the demands of life away from running have to take precedence, and I have been otherwise occupied with activities of a domestic nature, including preparing for my holiday in Bulgaria which begins when we leave the house for Luton airport in exactly one hour’s time! I hope to be able to get a couple of runs in while I’m away, but apologies if this does not materialise or turn into a post. Normal service will be resumed mid-month, all being well.

Now, do I wear my running shoes or pack them in my checked-in baggage? It’s all looking a bit tight at present!


2 thoughts on “Fartlekless Friday

  1. My goodness! You were certainly waxing poetic about autumn up they are. There is a whole side to you we haven’t seen yet! Hope you have a lovely time on your holiday. And I have no doubt you will get in a couple of runs. Blessings!

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  2. I trust you solved your packing dilemma. It would be terrible if you couldn’t train at all while you were away and instead had to eat and drink your time away.

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