A Cup of Tea and a Biscuit

This morning I enjoyed a gentle 5k run around the grounds of the Palace of Culture in Sofia. Marathon Del hits the culture trail! The major triumph was managing not to fall over like I have done previously on this route. There are steps to negotiate and some uneven paving, and falling into a fountain is not a good look.

I am breaking new ground here too by posting my first blog using my mobile. This is technology gone mad. It means there can be no respite from me. I previously tagged myself as Harry the Arachnoid due to my extensive web activity. Now I am more like Ollie the Octopus, with tentacles reaching into every little digital crevice (well, technically 8 at a time, which maps nicely onto the mathematical base of computing).

There is an emerging theme of gentleness in terms of how I describe my runs. I think this reflects the current lack of a racing target, but hopefully it also acknowledges self-compassion, that I am nurturing myself through running. A cup of tea and a biscuit is an exemplar of self nurturing. It is what I had for breakfast before my run, one step removed from a fasting run.

Soon I will be heading into the city with my three year old grandson for pizza and playing in the park. Let’s hope the nurturing holds up!

4 thoughts on “A Cup of Tea and a Biscuit

  1. Learning to nurture one’s self is one of life’s greatest lessons – and so much easier to do in the grounds of the Palace of Culture than slogging around the Prologis warehouse array on the outskirts of Kettering. Enjoy the pizza – you deserve it.


  2. Seriously? Did you really fall into a fountain? Self-nurturing… Some of us are not very good at that, are we? For now, anyway, easy does it with your runs. You can just enjoy them and the scenery.


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