Running Up Around the Bend

img_2942.jpgWelcome to the penultimate post about my Edinburgh marathon adventure. This time next week it will all be over. There is one more post to come, hopefully giving a vivid account of the big event. After that, what on earth will I have to write about? Will my life be devoid of purpose and meaning? Will I be yesterday’s new toy, of no interest to anyone? Will I be doomed to ask endless rhetorical questions?

This week I have been gathering my bits and pieces together for the journey north. I have also been trying to finalise my nutrition strategy. IMG_2962The week ahead is when I should be upping my carbohydrate intake. Porridge is a good way to do this  – along with pasta, rice, pulses and wholemeal bread.  However, the other morning it did not feel right eating porridge when the weather is fine – for me, porridge is one of my seasonal markers, more associated with the winter months. And then I discovered overnight oats! I mix rolled oats, milk, natural yogurt and a pinch of salt in a jar, seal it, and then put it in the fridge overnight. Come morning – voila! A creamy cereal to which I add honey and my choice of fresh fruit. You can find many variations on this basic recipe on-line.


Today was probably my last run, at least of any distance, before the marathon proper. It has been a difficult balancing act trying to get in the miles while not aggravating my iliopsoas or risking a twisted ankle – to which I am prone. I decided to do the 6.5 mile circuit of Pitsford Water, a course I have run several times – more so when I was training for the Brighton marathon. It is gently undulating, running along the water’s edge, over a causeway, across a bridge, and through some woodland. While I know the course well, there is a three-mile stretch that curves and undulates like a large snakIMG_2984e making its lazy way over rocks. This is the inspiration for my title, taken from the 1970s song by Creedence Clearwater Revival. I always seem to underestimate the number of bends along this stretch, so I think I’m closer to the end than I really am.

It was quite a hot day, so I thought I would treat myself to a lovely Mr Whippy at the end of the run. That’s what I call training!



One week to go until the Edinburgh marathon. You know the score – I’m running to raise money for Kettering Mind, our local mental health charity. If you would like to support me, here is my fundraising page. Thank you!



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