The Launch of Running Man

Derek Lee in running gear


This is the moment I publicly declare my intention to run the 2017 Brighton Marathon. It follows my success in completing the Leicester Half-Marathon at the weekend. I have never run that far before in my life, and it has given me the confidence to move forward with my ambitions. The half-marathon was part of my training plan for Brighton. It was a pivotal event because if I was unable to finish or suffered serious post-race problems – apart from the expected aches and pains! – then I might have had  to reconsider my decision to run the marathon.

The inspiration to pursue my running ambitions came from family members and friends who have run marathons in the past. I mean, how difficult can it be? You just have to put one foot in front of the other over a distance of 26.2 miles. That’s about 51,500 steps. I have already demonstrated I can get half-way. A full marathon is just another lap.

certificate for completing Leicester half-marathon

As well as being an important personal challenge, I hope to raise money for MIND. I have included a link below to my “Just Giving” page. Don’t worry if you miss it, or are unable to commit at this stage – I will be creating multiple opportunities to donate over the coming few months! The marathon takes place on 9th April 2017. Before then, there is some serious training to undertake. I will keep everyone updated through this blog under the “Running Man” category.

Please sponsor me and support MIND to help people affected by mental health problems.

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